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Sweet Treats...

Whether you are after lite and delicious cupcakes, personalised cookies, decedent macarons or even one of our 'Sweet Treat Gift Boxes' we can create amazing sweets and treats for any occasion. We provide a wide range of flavours and styles, and are only limited by your imagination. 


Our cupcakes are available in a wide range of flavours including buttercake, red velvet and an assortment of mud cake flavours including chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, mint, strawberry, citrus and more. Finish your cupcake with buttercream, ganache or even  personalised fondant toppers for that personal touch.


Cookies & Cookie Cakes

Our sugar cookies are perfect for any occasion. Whether it be gifts for your guests, to accompany one of our cakes or just because you love cookies. We can personalise not only the shape with a wide range of cookie cutters, but also finish your cookies with embossed fondant discs or personalised edible images.



Our macarons are light and fluffy on the inside with that crisp shell on the outside that makes them so amazing. A perfect decoration on one our cakes or even a great way to top our cupcakes, macarons can be filled with either buttercream or ganache, and can be colour to match your theme.


Sweet Treat Gift Boxes

Our 'Sweet Treat Gift Boxes' are a great way to get a range of our sweet treats all in the one box. Select from several options to suit your tastes and budget. Cupcakes, cookies, macarons, chocolates, and even a some drinks for the adults. Want to find out more about our Sweet Treat Gift Boxes? Visit our online shop to view our range.